Jul 30, 2011

KuosiKioski - Surface pattern design studio Sneak Peek

KuosiKioski a surface pattern design studio. Kuosi is a finnish word meaning pattern and kioski stands for kiosk. Between us friends KuosiKioski is just Kioski or Kiska (which is a finnish pet name for a kiosk).

KuosiKioski enlivens the world around us by bringing it´s patterns and illustrations to all types of surfaces from interior and fashion to paper products. It´s also always looking for an opportunity to spread the joy of patterns to new fields.

KuosiKioski houses a yammy collection of print designs that are ready to use. The collection grows monthly and it keeps up with the latest trends and upcoming color themes. Also commissioned designs can be ordered to fill up the need of Your project.

Here is a preview of what´s coming. All the designs seen below are copyrighted to KuosiKioski. 

For more designs visit my portfolio /www.behance.net/kuosikioski

Patterns KukkaKioski (FlowerShop) and Lemmikki (Forget-me-not)
Pistoi (Stitches) Pattern.