Dec 24, 2011

KuosiKioski Advent Calendar: Door Twenty-four

...It was late on Christmas Eve but Ed still had one very special place left to visit. Ed had heard that his neighbours and very good friends The Nun´s had got a new member of the family.

The Nun´s were really proud of their firstborn and they decided to call him Jesse. Jesse was quietly sleeping in his bed when Ed arrived. Ed congratulated The Nun´s and as a gift he promised to help the new parents to teach Jesse how to fly (as a father Ed knew that it was quite a task!).

Little after Ed also others came to congratulate The Nun´s. The most exotic visitors were, Caspar The SandRat, Melchior The RockHyrax and Balthasar The FennexFox, travelers from east who were spending the Christmas holidays in town. They brought Jesse peculiar but exquisite gifts. There was paste that smelled heavenly, some kind of aroma sticks that you could burn and a golden Christmas bauble.

Christmas Eve was fillied with love, smiles and goodwill. And so with love in his heart Ed returned home to his beautiful family. They had the most peaceful and merry Christmas of all time.

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